More than a skincare brand

Beauty Tricks by Raina stands for beauty, natural and safe skincare, environmental sustainability, and love for mother nature. 

My name is Raina and I come from a beautiful small country in Central Asia called Uzbekistan. Uzbek culture relies on herbal remedies for wellness. Walking through local markets, you'll see rows of beautiful herbs and spices - all top quality, all organic, all hand-picked. We use herbs and spices in cooking, making topical or ingestive remedies if one isn't feeling well, skin conditions, and even makeup.

I suffered from acne during puberty, so my mom took me to her esthetician. She made all of her skincare products using natural ingredients. She cleared my skin and gave me several tips and recipes to use on my own at home. That got me obsessed with making face masks, steams, and creams. As I grew older, my skin started changing due to pollution and lack of proper care. After having kids, I started paying attention to what we were putting in and on our bodies. Environmental sustainability plays a big role in our lives, and finding good eco friendly products with all-natural ingredients can be challenging, so I decided to get back to making my own. 

My thinking behind each product is if it's not safe for my children, it's not good for me. I pay close attention to every ingredient to ensure upmost quality. I want to know where my ingredients came from, how they were grown and harvested - this is one of the reasons I chose to work with other small businesses. 

I like the idea of minimal-to-zero waste and I apply that to my production. This is another reason I love making products such as soap and lotion bars - they leave zero waste behind. Making and using beauty products doesn't have to add to Earth's pollution, and we can help in our own little way.