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Beauty Tricks by Raina is not just about excellent, safe, and natural skincare products but also simple yet effective natural skincare remedies every person can use to improve or keep his or her skin healthy. 

By following True Beauty Tricks, you will get a breakdown of benefits, tips, and recipes on various oils, herbs, and butters. This week I've decided to write about cardamom - one of the main ingredients in my skincare products. 


What is cardamom?

My culture, Uzbek culture, is rich in the uses of spices and herbs for bettering health. One of the popular spices is cardamom. It has a distinctive scent and taste and is commonly used throughout Asia for cooking and various remedies. 

There are two types of cardamom - black cardamom and green cardamom. They differ in size and origin. Both carry similar properties, and both are just as good. Since black cardamom is cheaper and more available commercially, I'll focus on it more in this article. 

What makes black cardamom so unique?

Cardamom tea can treat the common cold and flu. It is a spice that comes in a shape of a pod with aromatic seeds on the inside. Those seeds carry many nutrients that make this spice so powerful it will do wonders to your gut, your immune system, and, of course, your skin.  

Vitamin C

Cardamom is so good for treating the common cold because it's rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is also excellent for the skin. As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects the skin from environmental damage and free radicals, providing a more youthful appearance. Vitamin C also promotes collagen production in the skin, which is vital for keeping the skin think, plump, and wrinkle-free.


Manganese is a trace mineral that plays a vital role in healing wounds by increasing collagen production. This mineral comes in handy for various skin irritations. It can also help reduce the appearance of blemishes. 


I'm sure you've heard about zinc's role in treating acne and sun protection. Zinc's benefits for skin go far beyond that. Zinc acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radicals and aiding in cell regeneration. It helps regulate excess production of sebum (skin oil). Zinc is vital in building keratin and forming collagen, and it does wonders for wound healing. Zinc deficiency can lead to various skin problems such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc. 


Magnesium helps improve your skin's overall appearance. It helps fight acne by lowering cortisol levels. Magnesium is also known to help with redness and rosacea. Though all types of skin benefit from magnesium, it is most beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.


Apart from the above listed main vitamins and minerals, cardamom contains Niacin, Thiamin, Pyridoxine, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, and so much more! Don't you want to start adding cardamom to everything after reading about its benefits?! 

How to use cardamom?

Though our skin shows quick results from topical applications, most long-term solutions to skin problems start with our gut — a clean and healthy gut = clear and healthy skin. Drinking cardamom tea will help strengthen the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach. Just crush the pod and add the seeds to your regular whole leaf tea. If you don't like drinking tea, you can always infuse water with cardamom seeds. Drinking the infused water first thing in the morning will set you for the day.


Cardamom face steam is an excellent way to start a DIY at-home spa day. Whether used on their own or before a mask, face steams help open up the pores and let your skin absorb the nutrients better. Here are the steps:

  1. Throw a few crushed cardamom pods into a pan with boiling water. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes, then lower to simmer. 
  2. Position your face about 10-15 inches above the pot. You want to be safe and not burn yourself but still feel the steam on your face.
  3. Throw a towel over your head and the pot, creating a tent to trap some steam. 
  4. Steam your face for 5-10 minutes. You will need to watch how you feel. If the steam gets too strong/hot or you find it hard to breathe, try opening up the towel to let out some steam or end the session sooner.  
  5. Pat your face dry with a clean towel and follow with a face mask or a regular skincare routine. 


You can also make a cleansing and pore-minimizing face mask. For that, you will need:

1 tsp of cardamom powder (powder the seeds with mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder). 

1 tsp of powdered or crushed oats

1 Tbsp of honey (can be substituted with molasses)

1 tsp of coconut oil

Mix well and apply on face, neck, and chest areas avoiding contact with eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with a regular skincare routine. 

If you don't have cardamom at home, you should get some right away. Not only will you love it for skincare, but cardamom also brings so much flavor and aroma to food. If you don't want to bother with DIY skincare, I have a few excellent cardamom-based products in my shop, like the Herbal Charcoal Face Bar and Men's Herbal All-In-One Body Bar
Enjoy the rest of your week, and don't forget to come back next week for more tips and tricks on natural oils and herbs for beautiful glowing skin. In the meantime, like, share, and comment. I would love to hear what you think.




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